Sunday, July 13, 2014


जॉन ग्रीषम के नॉवेल 'दी फर्म' में एक पुराना, खेला खाया वकील नए रंगरूट को वकालत के पेशे की हकीकत कुछ यूँ समझाता है.

"This business works on you. When you were in law school you had some noble idea of what a lawyer should be. A champion of individual rights; a defender of the Constitution; a guardian of the oppressed; an advocate for your client’s principles. Then after you practice for six months you realize we’re nothing but hired guns. Mouthpieces for sale to the highest bidder, available to anybody, any crook, any sleazebag with enough money to pay our outrageous fees. Nothing shocks you. It’s supposed to be an honorable profession, but you’ll meet so many crooked lawyers you’ll want to quit and find an honest job. Yeah, Mitch, you’ll get cynical. And it’s sad, really.”

अच्छा लगा सो शेयर किया. वकील बिरादरी से उलझने का कतई इरादा नहीं है.

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